Those Lovely Manhan Rail Trail Bridges

Oh those beautiful bridges!

I got to ride the Manhan Rail Trail (part of the Mass Central Rail Trail) from Northampton, MA through Easthampton to the current end at the Southampton town line recently. Cycling this bike path is so much more pleasant now that both bridges have been installed and there is continuous, on trail riding.

The  MA Route 10 bike bridge was installed in September, 2010, and got a huge, well deserved opening party in May, 2011.

The second bridge over the Manhan River itself is now open and is of the same style as the Rte 10 bridge. I think they are both beautiful and grand. Simple with the pre-rusted iron look, but stately and inspiring.

Check out these pictures and see if you agree.

Approaching from the Easthampton side.

Approaching from the Northampton side.

No more making 2 left turns across a busy road twice in a couple hundred feet!

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about the bridge is the road next to it you don't have to ride anymore.

I’ve got some great pictures of the bridge over MA Route 10.

I hope you get out to ride these bridges soon, they really are quite spectacular!


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