Get Your Bike Ready for Spring

Who’s ready to ride?

I know my spirit is ready to get out on the bike, but my bike needs a little love to get ready for the road.

This Saturday in Amherst, Gabor has announced his Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center is offering a free a hands-on workshop to help you get your bike in shape.

Prepare your bike to kick off the season safely! Transition Amherst offers a free bicycle tune-up at Gabor’s   Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center
April 28th, Saturday, at 3pm – 5pm.
Don’t despair if you cannot attend the Bike Lab’s workshop on April 7th in Northampton,*
or come to both if you want.
We will look at:

* fixing flats,
* adjusting brakes, and gears
* overall lubrication
* fitting the bike for comfort,
* gearing both you and the bike up for non-winter riding.

The workshop is FREE, but please let us know if you are interested in coming, by sending and email to

gaborzol  AT

(Donations to Transition Amherst are gratefully accepted at the workshop.) And feel free to bring your bike!


Time: April 28, Saturday, 3pm – 5pm

Location: 44 Beston street, Amherst (in Gabor’s “Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center”)
See more about Transition Amherst at

You may remember that Gabor’s hosted a “Get Ready for Winter Riding’ workshop last Fall. If you did any riding over the Winter, you might have any number of things on your bike which need to be cleaned, adjusted and checked. Leaves, sand and road grit could be logged in your drive train. They’ll wear down parts and require more costly repairs if not cleaned out. Bike rims need cleaning of the gunk to allow your friction brakes to operate properly. Cables for the brakes and shifters may have stretched and need adjusting.

Go if you can and get your bike ready so you can head out when the mood strikes.


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2 Responses to Get Your Bike Ready for Spring

  1. forrestcroce says:

    Sounds like a good class for beginners to gain some confidence over their bikes. Bikes are pretty simple as far as machines go, and easy to take care of, even for people who aren’t mechanicall inclined. But they purr after a bit of TLC! 😀

    FYI, it’s probably good to clean your bike after riding in the slop. Especially around the drive train.

  2. Mistinguette says:

    Thanks, that’s just what I was looking for!

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