Northampton & Western Massachusetts Biking Resources

[Last updated Summer, 2012]

Northampton, Massachusetts, indeed all of Western Massachusetts is beautiful; why not come for a ride and enjoy the great scenery, food and culture?

Sources for rides include the Rubel bike map for Western Massachusetts (due for an update in 2011), Google Maps bicycle directions, and various websites which allow riders to search for routes. Here are some resources and descriptions for finding places to ride in and around Northampton, Massachusetts.

Hampshire County

  • Northampton -The Manhan Rail Trail and the Norwottuck Rail Trail

Northampton Area Rail Trails

Northampton is the hub of two different extensive rail trail systems, the 104 mile Mass Central Rail Trail, which heads east towards Boston, and the 84 mile New Haven & Northampton Canal Rail Trail which heads south towards New Haven Connnecticut. Neither trail is complete in full, but there are substantial sections which are beautifully ridable.
Rail trails in Northampton can take you through downtown, past the grocery store, out to Look Park, across rivers and over to Easthampton, Williamsburg, Hadley and Amherst via the Norwottuck Rail Trail and the Manhan Rail Trail. Friends of the Northampton Trails & Greenways produces maps of the trails in Northampton area and for the center of Northampton. These maps are from 2009, and there have been many improvements since then, most notably the connection from Northampton to Easthampton is completed. This link takes you to the 2011 map. Paper copies are also available in shops all over town. 

Norwottuck Rail Trail
State of Massachusetts map of the path which connects Northampton to Easthampton, Williamsburg, Hadley, and Amherst. Site includes maps, but the better map is the Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways listed above, and the Manhan Rail Trail map listed below, under Easthampton. From Northampton east across the Connecticut River is section of the Mass Central Rail Trail.

Northampton Cycling Club

“The Northampton Cycling Club is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote fun, fitness, and health through the sports of cycling and triathlon to athletes of all ages and abilities in the Pioneer Valley.”

Beyond the rail trails, there are hills to climb all over, and beautiful farmland to explore in  Hatfield, Hadley, Westhampton, and Southampton.

  • Easthampton

Easthampton’s Manhan Rail Trail
Trail goes through downtown Easthampton’s shops and dining areas, but passes along waterways and through beautiful woodland areas. Connects with Northampton’s rail trail via a bike bridge over Route 10. This beautifully landscaped trail includes parks, playgrounds and benches. The Friends of the Manhan Rail Trail group has a beautiful artists map of the trail on their site. The 3/4 mile extension to the Southampton town line is open as of October 20, 2011. This bike path ends just off of MA Route 10 and two shopping centers where you can find food and drink. The last piece to complete the entirely off road bike path is a bridge over the Manhan River. The bridge is installed! This makes the bike trip between Easthampton and possible to do completely off-road. More information on parking and services is available at the Friends of the Manhan Rail Trail website.

  • Amherst

Home to three of the Five Colleges, Amherst is reachable by the Norwottuck Rail Trail, and both the University of Massachusetts and Amherst College are reachable by extensions off of the Norwottuck.  Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways have included these rail trail extensions to UMass and Amherst College on their maps.

The section of Norwottuck between Hadley and Amherst was built with glass embedded in the asphalt to make it pretty. Unfortunately, that kind of pretty and bikes do not play well together. So take your tire tube patch kit, a pump (know how to use them), or take the parallel MA Route 9. Car drivers are not used to seeing bikes on Rte 9, so do ride with extreme caution.

Fortunately, after much delay, progress is being made on scheduling repairs.

Hampden County

  • Southwick – The Jog Rail Trail
  • Westfield – The Columbia Greenway Rail Trail

Both Southwick’s trail and Westfield’s trail are sections of the New Haven & Northampton Canal Rail Trail. Try the newly opened ‘Jog’, Southwick, MA‘s six mile section which connects directly with Connecticut’s Farmington Valley Greenway which currently stretches 22 miles from Massachusetts into Connecticut. Work progresses on extending the Southwick rail trail several more miles to the Westfield line, which will increase the total mileage to over 30. Southwick rail trail map here. Southwick’s rail trail can be found on Coangamong Road, just off of MA Route 10 in Southwick. This trail is part of the New Haven & Northampton Canal Trail which is slowly being pieced together.

Westfield is scheduled in Summer, 2011, to pave has paved the part of it’s rail trail from the Southwick line up to the first intersection in Westfield at Shaker Farms Road. I’ve put up a post on directions to the Westfield Columbia Greenway Rail Trail section starting at Shaker Farms Country Club. More on Westfield’s rail trail plans here.

The Manhan and Norwottuck are the bike path connections in the upper part of the New Haven & Northampton Canal Trail in Easthampton and Northampton.

There is also a trail along the Connecticut River in Springfield, The Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway.

Franklin County

Franklin County Bikeway
On-road routes and the off-road Canalside Rail Trail. These routes provide connections to Hampshire County (Northampton, Amherst, Easthampton areas) to the south, and to Vermont to the north.

Greenfield provides parks, swimming, and food. Deerfield has Historic Deerfield and beautiful farmland right next to the Deerfield River. A favorite part of this bikeway is the 4 mile Canalside Rail Trail between Deerfield and Montague, with a park at Turners Falls. The web site includes maps and information on future plans to extend the bikeway. Here’s a beautiful web page with photos and a description of the Canalside Rail Trail. [thanks to]

Beautiful riding along the canal.

Franklin County Freewheelers
Former cycle touring group listing of ride cue sheets (directions) of popular rides in the Pioneer Valley and up to New Hampshire and Vermont. Most rides are on roadways. Cue sheets include suggestions for places to eat and restroom facilities. Some facilities listings are out of date as the cue sheets have not been updated, but are a good starting point.

Other scenic places to ride include River Road, which goes along the Connecticut River in Hatfield, Whately, and Deerfield on the western side of the river. The return journey on the eastern shore has a little more traffic in sections, but has places of loveliness. The roads along the river from Montague, into Sunderland and Hadley are peaceful, passing farms and waterfalls. If you stay on Route 47 into Hadley, the road eventually connects with the Norwottuck Rail Trail, allowing trips east into Hadley or Amherst, or west into Northampton and Easthampton.


Berkshire County

The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail parallels Route 8, and connects the towns of Adams, Lanesborough and Cheshire. 11.5 miles of beautiful riding past lakes and terrific wildlife viewing opportunities. North Adams’ government is working in 2011 to connect to the path.


21 Responses to Northampton & Western Massachusetts Biking Resources

  1. tantele says:

    I cannot believe they shovel the bike path. post some pictures of snow cyclists

    • What the path looks like on one day is different than it will look like on another day. The weather and temperature combine to make it clear to the pavement in one spot, then melting and freezing will have that same spot slick with ice the next.

      Northampton does send a plow down the path during storms, so most of the big stuff is removed, but that doesn’t always make it cyclable. In other years the plow did clear down to the pavement – could be the the multiple storms this year have made that difficult.

      There is a ‘snow squad’ organized by one of the owners of Pedal People, Alex Jaret, You can find a map of the status of the rail trail there. I’ll see if the weather cooperates for a ride this week and post video.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. We had an ice storm earlier this week and I went up to the path in the afternoon to see what the conditions were in the afternoon after the storm. Not so good – there was lots of ice and mush. I could see where a bike had been through the snow, and I saw a cyclist walking their bie along a section which was completely covered in snow.

    Today, the path is clear! I’ll try to get out during daylight to get some photos.


  3. Tom says:

    Let everyone know about the bike drive coming up, April 9th at JFK Middle school. Donate any usable bikes or bike parts to Bikes Not Bombs. All bikes will be shipped off to bike donation projects in developing countries. April 9th, 10:00 -2:00. Organized by Willa Sippel and her dad.

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  6. ceknight says:

    Thanks, you are a gem.

    I can remember riding from New Marlborough, east of Great Barrington, up through Berkshire County and then over Route 9 and then north to Greenfield to ride around with a friend and put our directionals for Franklin County Freeweeler’s Century Rides and riding with them on Sunday riding trips. Wonderful times, that was a really great group and I am so happy to say I had gotten to meet some of these beautiful people that have their caring preserved in these pdf sheets.

    • Charlie,

      I’ve used these cue sheet many times! Unfortunately, by the time I had the confidence and ability to ride with a group, they were winding down. I agree that is a gift that the Freewheeler’s information is preserved on the web.


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  9. Sheila McElwaine says:

    Have you explored the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway in Agawam (1+ miles) and Springfield (3.7 miles) with small parts completed in West Springfield and Chicopee? Here’s a link to a brochure.

  10. KIM from Boston says:

    I did the Manhan RT and part of the Northampton Bikeway/Norwottuck last Saturday for the first time with a few people. It was a great trail. I usually ride the Norwottuck from Damon Rd to Amherst for a Fall foliage ride and did not know about the other side too well or how long it was. We biked 21.6 miles total, so one way is just over 10 miles. That’s all we needed to do to have a good day. this trail is well maintained and scenic esp with Mt tom in background. Have fun everyone!

    • Kim,

      I’m so glad you got a chance to ride these trails. What a gorgeous time of year to do it!

      Thanks for posting a comment on your experience, hopefully others will be encouraged to ride and take in the Fall colors.


  11. Heather Burakiewicz says:

    Thank you for this excellent resource. What a treasure to find like minded cycling enthusiasts!

    • I’m so glad you found something useful here. Thanks so much for leaving a comment to let me know.

      I haven’t updated much, but most of the information is still good, and the trails have gotten even better!

      Keep riding. Gina

  12. Audrey says:

    Hi – I hope you are all well. I am looking for a bike club for my Father. He’s an avid biker but likes the bike trails much more than riding alongside the roads. Any ideas for clubs in the Northampton area. I’m looking to get a membership for his Christmas present this year

    • Hi Audrey,

      I know of two cycling clubs in Western Massachusetts, one based in Springfield, one in Northampton. Both are mostly focused on competing.

      The cyclonauts are based in Springfield Northampton Cycling Club is at Nohobikeclub.Org.

      Another thought is, which is an advocacy group, but they sometimes sponsor events. You could also try searching for Meet Ups, where he might find some people to ride the trails with him.

      I hope this is helpful!


      • Ray Siwinski says:

        Just came across this post from October of last year, but my reply is timely for the upcoming cycling season. The Cyclonauts Bike Club of Springfield ( is definetly not a competitive club. It is a recreational cycling club with rides for many abilities. This includes a Thursday rail trail ride for those bicyclists that do not feel comfortable on the road. We also hike during the off-season. All are welcome. Try us out before joining. Schedules are listed on the website.
        Ray Siwinski
        Springfield Cyclonauts Bicycle Club

      • Hi Ray,

        Thanks for the information on the Cyclonauts. I had the impression that it was a racing club. Maybe those nice jerseys I’ve seen made me think that.


  13. Ray Siwinski says:

    Unfortunately there is another local club called the Cyclonauts Racers that is definitely a competitive (and younger) club. This can be confusing but if someone goes to the website it’s pretty clear that we are not competitive (most rides include a breakfast stop). Our rides range from Northern Connecticut to Greenfield and from the Brookfields to the Berkshires, generally 25 to 45 miles. We would love to see you join us on some future rides.

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