About Pedal Paradise

Riding makes me smile!

I want to share the joy of cycling here in the Pioneer Valley.  If you are looking for places to ride, encouragement to get out on your bike, or information on how to make cycling a part of your life, this is a place for you.  If cycling is already giving you joy, tell me it about so we can share!


7 Responses to About Pedal Paradise

  1. taaniit says:

    Pedal Paradise, thank you for your comment:) Cycling is giving me joy, and keeping my eyes open for beautiful bicycles out there too! Cheers from Barcelona

    • Bikes are such individual things, the way each part can be changed…they can convey so much about the rider’s personality. Keep taking those photos!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. David Dawicki says:

    Hoping for a connecting trail from Southampton/Easthampton to Shaker Road in Westfield, That will be awesome for me the city, and everyone whom partakes

  3. John says:

    Hello I’m planning a ride from the beginning of the Farmington Valley Greenway at trailhead off Red Oak Hill Road, Farmington with my ultimate destination being a campground in South Deerfield Mass. My problem is figuring out a route from the end of the Columbia Greenway to NorthHampton, I think that I’ve found a good route ‘up’ from North Hampton, being roads that follow close by the Connecticut River and end near Mount Sugarloaf in Sunderland.
    – I do try to avoid congested cities, and rough traffic areas, any suggestions on the navigation from the end of the Columbia Greenway trail and up through Northhampton Mass would be greatly appreciated., it looks like there is an old bridge over a river nearby, but I don’t know if that is able to be walked across?
    Thank You
    John Newington Ct.

    • Hi John,

      Sounds like a good trip you’re planning. I loves touring around this area, and going along the Connecticut River offers some beautiful scenery, with the bonus of flat roads!

      I’m happy to help with routing. Could you give me more details? Which bridge/town/road do you mean? Which campground do you mean. I’m not familiar with any in South Deerfield.


  4. Matthew Reardon says:

    Thanks for the directions to colmbia greenway bike trail. It was a great ride. Definitely one of the best bike trails. I got pretty far into ct.


    • Hi Matthew,

      I’m so glad you found helpful information here. I agree with you that this trail is a lot of fun to ride. I’m liking forward to the day when we can ride it all the way without any on Ross portions.

      Thanks so much for doing me a note. I very much appreciate it.

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