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Westfield Trail Funding in Danger

The Columbia Greenway section of the rail trail which connects Northampton, MA to New Haven, CT is said to be among the most beautiful, crossing the Westfield River and winding through reconstructed downtown Westfield. This section of the trail had been hailed as a key piece of the renovation to downtown Westfield, and enjoyed support from the Mayor and city council.
Unfortunately, that seems to have changed. Continue reading

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Westfield’s Columbia Greenway Rail Trail Progresses

  Westfield is serious about getting their Columbia Greenway Trail ready to ride. Just a couple of weeks ago I rode part of the trail from Shaker Farms Road, south to the Connecticut line. Beautiful, smooth riding. But the trail … Continue reading

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Southampton Rail Trail Group Approaches Milestone

Northampton, check. Easthampton, check. Ummmm…ah,Westfield, check. Southwick, check. Hang on, something’s missing. Southampton. Southampton is the missing link in the New Haven & Northampton Canal Rail Trail. But the Southampton Greenway Committee is working to connect Southampton to the trail … Continue reading

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Westfield MA Columbia Greenway Moves Closer to Downtown

Continuing the Westfield, MA, Columbia Greenway Rail Trail theme, we move on to what’s coming next in the trail’s development. During Winter, 2011-2012, Westfield has begun to see the final stages of the rebuilding  with the completion of the Great … Continue reading

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Biking Westfield and Southwick’s Rail Trails

So now that we know how to find the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail bike path in Westfield, MA, and The Jog in Southwick, MA, what can we expect to find there? Lots of goodies for those wanting a quiet, leisurely … Continue reading

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Directions to Westfield, MA’s Rail Trail

Yes, Western Massachusetts, there is a rail trail in Westfield and Southwick, and I can tell you how to get there. One of the most consistent visits to Pedal Paradise is via web search by bike riders for directions to … Continue reading

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Westfield Columbia Greenway Rail Trail Moves Forward

Bit by bit, the Columbia Greenway Trail is coming together. This  interstate rail trail runs from New Haven, Connecticut, north to Northampton, Massachusetts, along the defunct New Haven & Northampton Canal. Fragments of the trail have been completed over the … Continue reading

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Southwick, MA Completes Columbia River Greenway

Congratulations Southwick, MA! Your portion of the Columbia Greenway Trail is now complete! The Springfield Republican has a story and photos from the ribbon cutting of the Southwick Columbia Greenway rail trail on Friday, September 23, 2011. Six more miles … Continue reading

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Manhan Rail Trail Moves Closer to Southampton

Earlier this week I rode across the Manhan Rail Trail, from Northampton to Easthampton to see for myself how things were progressing on both the installation of the bridge over the Manhan River, and the 3/4 mile new trail extension … Continue reading

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Bike Week Activities Scheduled Across Western MA

Bike Week activities are planned in several Western Massachusetts communities May 14 – 22. Rides, celebrations, and free food.  What could be better for cyclists? Oh, right – Ice Cream! Update: The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, PVPC, has released this … Continue reading

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