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Northampton Announces Public Hearing on Boathouse Project

Northampton, MA is holding a hearing on the waterfront park along the Connecticut River. The plan for the park is to build a rail trail extension to it, and on into Hatfield. Wayne Feiden, Director of Planning and Development, has given … Continue reading

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September’s Three Big Pioneer Valley Bike Events

Three big bike events take place in the Pioneer Valley area in the next few weeks. Organizers of all three have created routes and support which will highlight the regions beautiful scenery and help riders experience the wonderful cycling community … Continue reading

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Hatfield Boathouse Grant Could Aid Rail Trail

The development of the rail trail link from Northampton to Hatfield along the Connecticut River just got a boast from a Massachusetts state grant. While the grant was not specifically for the rail trail, it is for a development project … Continue reading

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Northampton To Bernardston, MA

Thursday, July 15, 2011. Northampton, MA to Bernardston, MA. 34 miles. Finally, the morning of our departure had arrived! Avery and I had spent the last three days deciding on a route, gathering gear, and getting the bikes ready. We … Continue reading

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Hatfield Rail Trail Connection in Works

The Northampton-to-Hatfield trip is going to get easier to travel, and more beautiful and scenic. Back in July, the Springfield Republican reported that the Northampton City Council was voting on a land deal which would result in Northampton owning the … Continue reading

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Visit a Farm by Bike

This weekend’s Daily Hampshire Gazette featured a front page story on agrotourism in the Pioneer Valley, farmers opening their farms to visitors for direct sale of goods, tours of the farm, and in some cases, farm stays. Visiting farms by … Continue reading

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Quinn’s Tri-State Triumph

“Mommy, make sure my bike is ready to go when I get back from camp!” Those were 10 year-old Quinn’s parting words to me as I dropped him off for his time at camp this past summer. Every summer, I … Continue reading

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Beautiful Fall weekend riding

Finally! The weekend forecast is looking good after many days of rain. My bike and I are ready to go out. Trees are doing their color changing thing. It will be a great weekend to ride around the Pioneer Valley. … Continue reading

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