Bike Breakfast Northampton 2013


No rain (or snow)!

Bike Breakfast in Northampton means  catching up with old friends. I’ve been walking much more than I’ve been riding this Spring, so I mostly see my biking friends as they zip past me. At Bike Breakfast, I got to catch up with some friends and be reminded how much I love biking.

Unlike past years, there were clear skies. No rain, no snow. But the lovely company of other cyclists and generous donations from local sponsors were the same.

Thanks to Northampton Coffee, Woodstar Cafe, Haymarket, Bread Euphoria, River Valley Market, Just Soap, and Downtown Sounds for their donations in support of Bay State Bike Week. The full list of sponsors, (it’s quite a list!) can be viewed at the MassBike Pioneer Valley website.

If you missed breakfast in Northampton, you still have plenty of opportunities to catch a Bay State Bike Week event in Western Massachusetts. MassBike Pioneer Valley can point you in the right direction.

P.S – Don, this post is for you!


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