Northampton Announces Public Hearing on Boathouse Project

Northampton, MA is holding a hearing on the waterfront park along the Connecticut River. The plan for the park is to build a rail trail extension to it, and on into Hatfield.

Wayne Feiden, Director of Planning and Development, has given notice of the hearing by the Planning Board:

The Planning Board will be holding a public hearing on a Site Plan request filed by the City for approval of the Connecticut River Greenway at the current Lane Construction property off Damon Road.  The hearing will be held at 8:00 PM on Thursday September 13, 2012.
[Wayne’s message continues after the jump.]

This is for the riverfront park, which will include a small section of the ultimate multi-use trail from Damon Road to Elm Court in Hatfield.  This particular section is from the New Haven and Northampton Canal, through a property to be redeveloped into a boat house and a business park, up to the railroad tracks and then north along the tracks for 200 feet.  It is a very short section, but given the planned boat access to the Connecticut River, it is arguably the heart and the key anchor of that trail.
[emphasis added]

This trail is part of the Northampton Open Space Recreation plan for the next several years. I wrote about the plan when it was released last year in We’re Gonna Get Better. That post has a link to the plan and points out some of the highlights which are coming, including many new rail trail access spurs.


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