Cycling Classes Offered

Bike riding is fun, environmentally friendly and good for your health. Sometimes people are reluctant to really incorporate cycling into their everyday lives because they are intimidated about cycling on the road with cars. Well, just like driving a car, you can get better at road cycling by taking classes, informing yourself about the traffic rules which apply to bikers and practicing with an instructor who can help guide you.

We are lucky to have a certified League of American Bicyclists instructor right here in the Pioneer Valley, Ralph Sturgeon, and he is offering cycling classes this summer:

A 2-day Better Bicycling class titled “Bicycling on the Street” is being offered by League Cycling Instructor Ralph Sturgen.

Saturday, July 28, 2012: “When All Goes Well”
Saturday, August 4, 2012: “When Things Get ‘Interesting'”

Students must bring a bicycling helmet and a working bicycle.
The course fee is $80 which covers everything but lunch. (Bring
lunch or money to buy.)
Classes are 8:30 AM to about 4:00 PM at the Public Safety
Complex at 32 Payson Ave., Easthampton, MA.

Please register with Mr. Strugen at BikeTeacher1307 (AT)

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

Ensure that your helmet fits properly.
Do a pre-ride safety check of your bicycle.
Change a flat tire.
Recognize and avoid visual, surface, and collision hazards.
Enter an intersection properly to leave it to your destination.
Understand how to ride in bike lanes and on recreational paths.
Know the laws governing bicycling in Massachusetts.
Bicycle safely and legally on a wide range of city streets and
country roads.
….and a few other things, too.

Ralph S. Sturgen
Easthampton, MA
BikeTeacher1307 (AT)
League Cycling Instructor Certificate #1307
Ralph can help you gain the confidence you need to take advantage of  the beautiful cycling roads we have here in the Pioneer Valley.
I took cycling classes several years ago and I can say they definitely helped my bike handling skills (avoiding objects  without crashing and riding in a straight line) and my riding with traffic skills (making turns, where to ride in the lane). I highly recommend educating yourself and practicing these skills.
If you don’t need the classes, perhaps you know someone who might benefit from them. Pass the information along.

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