Biking Westfield and Southwick’s Rail Trails

So now that we know how to find the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail bike path in Westfield, MA, and The Jog in Southwick, MA, what can we expect to find there? Lots of goodies for those wanting a quiet, leisurely ride through  the countryside, with plenty of rest stops and food.

The current start of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail is at Shaker Farms Country Club on Shaker Road. Parking for the bike path is through the Country Club lot. The Club is open to the public, and has a nice clubhouse with a grill serving food and beverages. A stop in here would be a nice thank you to them for working to get the rail trail in place.

The other place on the trail for food is in Southwick, just across from the trail parking lot on Congamond Road, at Red Robin Hood’s Barn. The restaurant has lots of bike parking. We had a very nice lunch there, and it came with air conditioning!

Along the way there are many shaded benches, and a water fountain at the first road crossing, just south of the parking lot at Shaker Farms Country Club.

We can help you find this!

The riding is through quiet farmland and past many little creek sightings. The trail designers did a marvelous job of making the path a pleasure to ride.

For more context on where these trails fit into the entire Western Massachusetts and New Haven & Northampton Canal Rail Trails scheme, read my page on Northampton & Western Mass Area Biking Resources.

If you go, let me know what you thought of the trail.


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6 Responses to Biking Westfield and Southwick’s Rail Trails

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  2. KIM from Boston says:

    I am doing this path on Sunday with a few people, starting at the Country Club in Westfield and heading down to CT. We may go into CT but not sure, we would have done at least 10 miles one way to the border so will see how we are.

    • Kim,

      I hope your ride was a good one. Once this section of trail through Westfield is completed it really will be destination trail. The bridges through town and across the Westfield River will be spectacular!


  3. Jerico St.Ashe says:

    As the trail is behind many homes in our Southwick neighborhood, it is a great place to ride and walk your dog, but with so many coming and riding the trail, they should be educated to proper trail etiquette, seeing as my wife was hit by a bicyclist last July, and suffers still from the collision, from a twisted knee, and our mini pin was struck as well, a warning when a bicyclist is silently approaching one from behind would be greatly appreciated. Silently riding up from behind a walker at speed is dangerous indeed, as there is no auto engine to warn of your advance as there would be for a bicyclist on town and/or state roads. Also there is well defined parking area, and a grassy area for parking, to many are parking in the road, causing accidents, the neighborhood it starting a petition for illegal parked vehicles to be towed at the owners expense. Just this past saturday afternoon (6/28/2014) Two vehicles collided due to people parking on the road (Miller Ave.) at the intersection of Miller and Congamond Rd. Please help spread the word about trail safety and proper parking.

    • Thank you, Jerico, for your comment. I’m very sorry to hear of your wife’s injury, and I hope she continues to recover.

      I agree with you about trail users needing to be considerate of others. The list of inconsiderate behavior is long, and full of transgressions.

      My own list includes silently passing bicyclists (a menace on the road as well), and wandering dogs, leashed and unleashed.

      As a public space, trails don’t belong to any one user, and people shouldn’t behave as if other users are just nuisances.

      The trails in Westfield, and the adjacent amenities, have grown considerably since I wrote about them. It is beautiful, and when finished will be a gem of the system. This will bring even more traffic to the trail near your home in Southwick.

      Hopefully, the information about where and how to use the trails though that part of Massachusetts will be easily accessible as well.

  4. Steve P says:

    So exciting to hear that the Columbia extension work continues! Have ridden the Farmington section in Connecticut numerous times, and this will truly make this route a “destination” for anyone who loves rail trails! Thank you for this helpful and informative blog.

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