Sunny Day Breakaway

I knew the rain was coming. I needed to ride. My before-work window of time for yesterday’s ride was quickly closing. But I had to ride.

Morning is my reliable, best, get-out-the-door and do it time. The other big benefit? I like everyone better when I get home after a ride. To the power of 10. 

So this ride had to get done.
Morning ride peaceBecause the time was getting away from me, I chose the hilliest route near my house. Four hills, 10 miles. Longest hill last. No granny gears allowed.

Coming down that last climb is always a thrill because I’m zooming along knowing the hard part is all done and I’m on my way home.

But yesterday, I got to the reservoir above David Musante Beach. The view took my breath away. 

I had to stop and take a picture of this peaceful sunny place. So quiet and still. 

This was a piece of Northampton’s paradise. I am so grateful I live here, to be able to enjoy it on my bike. For this early morning ride.

I’m sharing this picture with you so you can see some of the attraction of cycling in Western Massachusetts. 

For me, I’m holding onto this picture of what’s out there for me if I just get out and ride.


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2 Responses to Sunny Day Breakaway

  1. The Velo Hobo says:

    That photo has a watercolor quality to it. You live in a very beautiful part of the world! Jack

    • Jack,

      I tell my boys that we live in a beautiful place all the time, thanks for agreeing with me. That reservoir is a place I love to ride past early in the morning while everything is still and quiet. Just gotta keep an eye out for bears…


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