Manhan Rail Trail: Easthampton’s Pride And Joy

”This is the biggest crowd we’ve ever had.”

Liz Sturgeon of the Friends of the Manhan Rail Trail group told me at the breakfast they held yesterday to raise funds for the care and maintennance of the trail.

Heidi and I rode over and arrived during the last hour.


Liz & Ralph SturgeonBreakfast at the American Legion PostEggs, pancakes, danish, breakfast potatoes, etc. Would have been great if we were bike touring!

The place was so full, some had difficulty finding places to sit. But everyone was happy to support the trail. I saw cyclists in matching kits, in jeans cut-offs, & regular clothing. There were people who were dressed as if traveling to or from church.

Everyone I talked with seemed excited about how the Manhan Rail Trail enhanced Easthampton.

Knowing the hard work put in over the years to get the trail completed, seeing the support of Easthampton’s citizen’s grow now that the trail is complete, must feel so gratifying to those remarkable volunteers.

Hats off to you!


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