Northampton Bike Breakfast Planning Moving Along

Bike Week Cometh!

May 12 – 20, 2012, in various places throughout the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. What’s Bike Week? A week (or more) of group rides, breakfasts, cycling movies, children’s activities, give-aways, and a chance to meet other riders while celebrating cycling. Communities up and down the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires filled the 2011 calendar with fun and adventurous ways to get people out on their bikes. Bike Week 2011 was a success despite lots of rain.

Picture yourself here!

Lots of food and smiles at Northampton Bike Breakfast 2011.

How much better would it be if you volunteered to help make it happen!

Bike week is coming: May 12=20.
Northampton’s Bike Commute Breakfast will be Wed. May 16.
If you’d like to volunteer to help make it a success please contact:
Jim Montgomery  jmontgom (AT) smith (DOT) edu [emphasis added]

Jim Montgomery’s hoping to build on the success of Jim Desmond’s planning of Northampton’s Bike Breakfast 2012.

I volunteered last year, helping to set up that morning and with handing out some of the various goodies donated to those who arrived on bike or on foot. I got to talk with my cycling friends I see as we pass on the path, and to meet some new people. It is a *don’t miss it* event.

There are many tasks which happen before and after the Breakfast which help make it a great time for everyone. Last year’s sample of tasks from Jim Desmond:

We could use  your help in making this event happen– from contacting bicycling advocacy organizations and speakers for the event, to making arrangements for publicity, sign-setting up, and also help on the day of the breakfast, getting things set up.

Get in touch with Jim and let him know how and when you can help!


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