Winter Cycling Workshop Offered

Got the biking bug, and find the idea of winter biking in the Pioneer Valley intriguing? The scenery will still be beautiful, but whoo, will it be cold!! Not to worry. If you are committed, and can prepare, biking year-round in Western Massachusetts can be a great way to stay fit, save money and keep those good brain chemicals churning and fighting off the winter darkness blues.

This is only for Fall, winter requires more layers!

Winter riding requires more layers.

A post to the MassBike Pioneer Valley Google group gives notice of a workshop for you intrepid winter cyclists of tips and encouragements on keeping the cycling bug going. Gabor kindly allowed me to post his email here:

Hello All,

Two expert year-around bicyclists (Dorie and Gabor) invite you to learn all about adverse weather bicycling. Many of these techniques make general practical sense in decent weather also, so you may be interested even if you don’t plan to ride during the next snow- or ice-storm.

Time: December 10, Saturday, 3pm
Location: 44 Beston street, Amherst (in Gabor’s “Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center”)

What we will address:
* How to dress defensively: avoid overheating and freezing both during and after the ride.
* How to ride defensively: Lighting/visibility, protection against slipping, water and salt
* What to do to make sure you reach your destination: tools, gear, and route choices.

Timeline (all sections include time for questions):
3:00 – 3:20  Check-in
3:20 – 3:45  All about you and your path
3:45 – 4:15  All about your bike and accessories
4:15 and on: Preparations and Reparations: actual demo as needed

About the presenters:

Dorie has been riding in all weather whenever she can as long as she can remember, both on- and off-road. She believes in simplicity.

Gabor has no car, but has plenty of bike-choices (studded tires, three wheels, balloon tires, electric-assist). He uses bicycles for all his commuting both short and long distance. He specializes in bicycle lighting and carrying cargo with bikes and bicycle trailers.

The workshop is free, but please let us know if you intend to come. Gabor can be reached at gaborzol AT

Gabor knows what he’s talking about and is committed to helping others bring bicycles into their daily lives. Here’s a story about Gabor’s Neighborhood Bicycle Resource Center in Amherst, MA.

This seems like a pretty comprehensive workshop, covering what to wear, how to be seen, and even how to pick your bike route. Even if you are an experienced winter cyclist, I’d bet you’ll learn something from Gabor and Dorie. Check it out and keep that Pioneer Valley cycling joy going all year-long.


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