Two Perfect Rides, One Perfect Saturday

Some days were just made for bike riding. The weather, weekend day and the looming end of summer combined to make this one of those days.

I got out this morning with a new riding friend. It was the best way to start out a Labor Day holiday weekend. We did a leisurely ride through Leeds and Westhampton past Musante Beach out towards Strawbale Cafe. For me, riding in the morning always the best time. The world is quiet, few other vehicles on the road, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a Great Blue Heron.

No heron sighting today, but the quiet roads gave us a chance to talk and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We both agreed that we are lucky to live in a place which allows us to ride such peaceful, beautiful roads.

After I got home, I went with the family downtown to the Saturday Northampton Farmer’s Market. We put the panniers on the bikes and pedaled down the Manhan Rail Trail. We arrived much faster than we could have if we had gone in the car! Sometimes its hard to believe how easy it is to get downtown by bike.

I love biking with my family. What special times we have together when we ride. My younger son was riding my go fast bike, and really going fast! I get such a kick out of watching him zip around.

Downtown was so full of people on bikes! Not only people shopping at the farmer’s market, but doing all kinds of errands. It really was amazing to see the variety of people and bikes. I could tell that summer was coming to a close; family vacations were over and the college students were back, making for a jam-packed downtown. It felt good to be a part of the community.

When we got back home there was no feelings of guilt at all diving into the luscious food we had purchased at the market. All that local deliciousness, well earning by going to town by bike. It was a great day to ride.


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