Hatfield Boathouse Grant Could Aid Rail Trail

The development of the rail trail link from Northampton to Hatfield along the Connecticut River just got a boast from a Massachusetts state grant. While the grant was not specifically for the rail trail, it is for a development project which could aid the rail trail project.

The Springfield Republican reported the awarding of the state grant, through the efforts of MA State Senator Stan Rosenberg and MA State Rep. Peter Kocot:

The state is about to announce a $100,000 grant that will help kick-start a $4.67 million project to create a boathouse on the Connecticut River in Northampton.

This boathouse is part of Northampton’s Open Space and Recreation Plan for 2011-2017. The Open Space plan includes the boathouse and the rail trail spur from the Norwottuck Rail Trail in Northampton into Hatfield at the same location. Any planning for the boathouse has to take into account the rail trail development. A Northampton Media story describes the boathouse project in detail. I encourage you to click-through to get a better idea of the project.

I think it’s a really exciting development in getting this trail spur completed.



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4 Responses to Hatfield Boathouse Grant Could Aid Rail Trail

  1. Alas, this NOT welcome news for me. The proposed boathouse & rail trail will be accessed by a private road – the one that leads to my condo complex. This means that me & my neighbors –who pay out of our pockets to pave, plow and maintain this private road — will be forced to live with more traffic, less safety and privacy, and to pay for road improvements so that the public can enjoy this facility! Wayne Feiden has heard these concerns and, basically, said suck it up, it’s a done deal and its good for the city.

    I’m not sharing this to rain on the biking parade, but to point out that there are some serious problems surrounding this plan. 200 private residences shouldn’t have to surrender their private property, and also pay to maintain it, in order for for Northampton to have great places for biking.

    • I didn’t know the road was a private road. Did Lane Construction, the company that owns the closed asphalt plant at the end of the road, also pay to maintain the road? Did they have an easement?

      Has your property owners association formally asked the city to accept the road? Besides paying for the cost of maintenance, it would seem you also assume the liability if the road is NOT maintained.

      Thank you for posting this concern and giving us something to consider about how these projects progress.


  2. Steve says:

    Seems weird that Lane Construction would be using a private road and not paying for it. If they are not there already perhaps some speed bumps might be added, but usually the addition of outdoor recreation people such are rowers and kayakers would be a benefit to an area. When someday selling your condo would you rather explain the eyesore of the abandoned Lane Construction site or tout a beautiful boathouse and outdoor recreation site?

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