Farmington River Trail Expands

The Farmington River Trail in Connecticut has gotten a little bit longer. 1.8 miles longer to be exact, in Collinsville, CT. This trail is part of the New Haven & Northampton Canal Trail. The trail currently brings riders up from Connecticut to Southwick, MA in Hampden County on the Columbia Greenway Trail.

It may seem like a short section, but judging from the turnout at the ribbon cutting, this section is a big deal!.


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4 Responses to Farmington River Trail Expands

  1. sara says:

    YAY! So happy to find you here, Gina. Read your comment on Momentum’s Families on Bikes blog about the separate bike trips you take with your sons. I love this idea and look forward to reading through your entire blog about your adventures.

    I look forward to some day riding the Farmington Canal Trail all the way from here in New Haven up to NoHo! And now I am off to share the link to your blog with one of my closest friends who happens to live in NoHo– a mamma of two little ones who has just become really interested in biking with her kiddos.

    • Sara,

      Thank you for leaving such a nice note. My trips with the boys are always the highlights of the year. We started with the supported tour of the Erie Canal back in 2003. Hmm, makes me realize that our 10th Anniversary of doing trips is coming up. Must start planning a special trip…

      I’m really looking forward to being able to go all the way to New Haven, too. Thanks for making a connection with your Northampton friend. More people riding their bikes, and especially with their kids is a great thing!


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