Cycling Safety in the Real World

I’ve encouraged learning cycling safety and taking bike handling classes and given some of the reasons why. Here’s one man’s story of his commute home one summer afternoon how and how the skills he learned saved hi three times in one ride.

Tim encounters trees, tractor trailers and teens on the path, and manages to survive them all using the skills he acquired in cycling safety classes. He tells all about it in a post entitled, ‘Trees, Truck Drivers, Kids, Oh My!’

Tim’s conclusion?

It just gave me more confidence in what I have learned and continue to learn.

You should go read his story. Then the next time cycling safety classes are offered try to make them fit on your calendar. You might just learn something that keeps you on your bike and out of a sticky situation.


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2 Responses to Cycling Safety in the Real World

  1. Tim Cary says:

    Thanks for this post Gina. I just added a comment to my post regarding a discussion I had with Ralph, the instructor, after this happened. Basically I was doing everything right, but could have improved the situation with my lane positioning. However, to all readers, I will repeat what Gina points out…. the confidence level was there at the time of this incident, and therefore I was not scared, mad, or intimidated. Please make time for these classes, without that, I probably would have never ridden on a busy road again after this incident.

    • Tim,

      Thanks for stopping by to add that. I think your original post really lays out for people the kinds of situations arise and how taking the class can help.

      In addition to making a better, safer cyclist, I think they make better drivers as well. I’ve taught my kids what I know from taking the classes, and point out things from the driver’s perspective while in the car. If those teens you encountered on the trail had taking cycling safety, they would know who has the right-of-way, and maybe slowed down before entering the path. As drivers, they’ll need to know that rule!


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