Getting You & Your Groceries Home Safely

Going out for a leisurely bike ride is one thing. But how do you get the stuff of life done on your bike?

Bike buckets mean you can shop for dinner on the way home.

I mean, you’ve got things to carry, right? You can stuff things for work in your backpack, but what about the groceries? In a backpack, the bread would get squished and the eggs ruined. Though, a bag of frozen peas settled right against your back could be just the thing on a hot day…

This Saturday, July 9, River Valley Market, James Lowenthal of MassBike Pioneer Valley, and Michele Spring-Moore will demonstrate grocery shopping by bike.

From RVM manager Betsy Powell:

Saturday, July 9, 9-10:30 AM
Join local cycling advocates James Lowenthal and Michele Spring-Moore
for a workshop on how to shop effectively using your bicycle. Be green,
be efficient, be safe!

Workshop is free, but registration is required. Contact Member Services
Manager Betsy Powell to register (584-2665 or
betsy (AT) rivervalleymarket . coop).

These are the kinds of things you can learn:

Want to shop by bike but don’t think you can carry all those tomatoes and watermelons on your bike?  Michele Spring-Moore and I are offering a free workshop on how to shop by bike this Saturday at the River Valley Market.  We’ll be covering basic equipment (panniers, trailers, utility bikes, locks, lights, fenders) and then covering some on-the-road how-to: suggested routes to the Market, and how to make safe left turns onto and off of busy King St. / Routes 5&10.    Join us!
James Lowenthal

The cool thing about shopping by bike is it brings you in league the millions of people all over the globe who do this weekly and routinely. Grocery shopping can be the chore done by whoever picks the short straw – not very fun. But with your groceries on your bike, a flavor of bike joy can sweeten the task.

Want to make your own bike buckets for about $13 a pair? Check out my how-to make bike buckets.


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3 Responses to Getting You & Your Groceries Home Safely

  1. Johannna R says:

    Aw….I thought you were gonna tell us how to do it, not just where to learn about how to do it. Although I do know that Michele is an expert.

  2. Panniers. That is the answer. And for really big loads, a wagon to tow behind. I’ve made regular trips to RVM for three years. This workshop sounds great! If it gets more popular, RVM will need more bicycle parking.

  3. I’ve been going to the market since it opened, and just recently learned of a new route which avoids having to make that terrible left turn at Hatfield St. Excited to try it out! I’m sure this route will be covered in the workshop.

    Wouldn’t that be something, to install more bike racks due to increased demand!!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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