Northampton Restaurant Week Equals Vacation

Who doesn’t love vacation? A break from the regular grind, the everyday. Sometimes all it takes to give that vacation feeling is something out of the ordinary, not a huge trip, but a reorienting of the mind.


This week you can take just a short break here in Northampton, and it will cost you less than usual.

Restaurant Week in Northampton, June 6-12, means food at spectacular dining at seriously reduced prices. Three course meals on offer at 18 restaurants for $21 per  person. Sounds like a good deal right? Good food for less. But you go to downtown Northampton all the time, right? That’s hardly a vacation.

Well, what makes it vacation is your orientation toward the adventure. Yes, adventure.


Imagine yourself in a European city. How are you going to get to the city center for dinner? You might walk, taking a stroll through the neighborhood, checking out the houses and gardens along the way. Taking the time to chat with your dinner companion about your day.

Interesting architecture at every turn.

You might grab a pair of the old three speed bikes your B&B has leaned up against the wall. A slow ride to the restaurant area is just the ticket. You can smell the food from various kitchens as you go along. There’s a cycle path which goes right to the center. The path is full of other people, smiling, greeting each other on this beautiful summer evening. This is how you get to feel like a local, part of the community.

Sounds good, right? Well, you can have that feeling for a few hours in Northampton this week. Walk downtown, check out the gardens and the interesting architecture along the way. Bike downtown on the rail trail, enjoy the view from the many bridges along the way.

After your fabulous meal, don’t rush right home. Take a stroll. Get some ice cream or a pastry and coffee. Stop by one of the clubs to check out the band. Take your time in a way you don’t usually allow yourself. On the way home, remember this is where you live, and resolve to do this mini-vacation more often.

Go slowly and savor the experience. After all, vacations are for relaxing.


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