Help Save the Leeds Hotel Bridge

Our friends at Friends of Northampton Trails and Greenways have a post up about efforts to save the Hotel Bridge in Leeds, MA.

Update:  At its May4, 2011 meeting, the Northampton Community Preservation Committee, CPC,  voted to award to the  “Northampton DPW and Leeds Civic Association:  $35,000 toward an engineering feasibility study to options for restoration of the Leeds Hotel Bridge.” [From a May 19 email from the CPC, “Round 1 CPA 2011 Funding Recommendations]

The bridge has been closed to vehicle traffic for some years, but still is used by pedestrians and cyclists. I use it all the time to get to some of my favorite cycling routes through Leeds, Westhampton, Williamsburg, Easthampton, and for swimming at Northampton’s Musante Beach. In the warmer months, I see people fishing off the bridge, and the sound of the water rushing over the falls always make me relax.

There is a proposal before the Northampton Community Preservation Act Committee to use funds to preserve the bridge.  [See Update above.]

On Sunday, May 15, you can help by participating in rides designed to raise funds to save the bridge sponsored by the Leeds Civic Association. This is the second annual ride, and there are activities for children as well.

This location is really the start to beautiful riding. Go find a new route and help raise some money for this important piece of Northampton history.

[My original post had the incorrect date. The correct date is now in the text.]


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3 Responses to Help Save the Leeds Hotel Bridge

  1. I remember you taking me there — it was the first time I knew this bridge, and this beautiful waterside spot existed!

    • It is truly a gem. There are so many gems in the Pioneer Valley, and biking to them makes them seem all the more spectacular to me.

      I hope you saw that I got a little excited and put the wrong date in the original post. The correct date, Sunday, May 15, is now in the text.


      Oh, and thanks for being my 100th comment!

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