Bike Week Activities Scheduled Across Western MA

Bike Week activities are planned in several Western Massachusetts communities May 14 – 22. Rides, celebrations, and free food.  What could be better for cyclists? Oh, right – Ice Cream!

Update: The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, PVPC, has released this year’s Bike Week poster, a beautiful design by Alexis Designs. The poster incorporates all of the events happening each day, advertising the events, and incorporating many different types of cycling. Well done!

For a really comprehensive look at all of the bike related activities planned across the state, have a look at the MassBike web page for Bike Week Activities. The first thing you’ll notice that the listed events don’t only take place on that one week. Activities begin as early as this weekend and extend into June.

Think there aren’t bike riders or cycling activists in your town? Think again! Cycling in Western Massachusetts presents beautiful places to ride, and there are many people organizing events for you to enjoy.

There are activities planned in Holyoke, Southwick, Westfield, Northampton, Amherst, Northfield, Hadley, Springfield, Williamstown, South Deerfield, Pittsfield, Greenfield, Great Barrington, Chicopee, Adams, East Longmeadow, West Stockbridge, Easthampton, and Pittsfield. (Whew! I feel a little like Johnny Cash. There are Bike Week events ‘Everywhere‘ in Western Massachusetts!)

You can get breakfast, a shower, freebies, be entertained, learn bike safety, get a bike check up, go on a scavenger hunt, learn how to start bike commuting, tour an area with a guide. And yes, I’m sure there will be ice cream.

Consider attending an organized ride outside of your community. What a great way to find a new place to ride the rest of the year.

I’m sure that the organizers of events in each of these communities could still use some help to make sure these events come off as wonderful as planned. Have some time to help? Contact the organizers in your community and lend a hand. The MassBike Bike Week page has contact information for each event.

Bike Week. Get on your bike. Celebrate the return of Spring. Get together with other cyclists and enjoy the wonderful riding in this beautiful place we live.

(And keep your fingers crossed for nice weather.)


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3 Responses to Bike Week Activities Scheduled Across Western MA

  1. You are a gem, hope your husband gives you an extra hug tonight.

    Thanks for sharing these things.

    I want to much to get back on the bicycle when these vertebra heal enough for me to to it. I think I told you about the altercation between me on a folding bicycle and the train going south.

    Blessings to all

    • Charlie,

      Thank you for your support! Bike Week’s a great time to get people out of the Winter ‘gotta drive’ mindset and into the ‘let’s enjoy the outside!’ mindset. I’m hoping to get some good photos of people enjoying themselves at Bike Week events and I’ll post them. I hope your healing continues.

      Remember though, I have a wife, not a husband!

      Be Well,


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