Right Out Your Driveway

What if you just got on your bike and pedaled away, not intending to return that night?

Many of my bike rides are just around town, doing errands or fitness rides with friends, but each of those rides prepares me for the riding that really thrills me – going off on my bike with no intention of making it home by dark.

That shirt's still looking good.

A well deserved lunch and rest at Old Deerfield Village.

Going on a bike tour of several days does require some planning – where to stay, eat, stop and rest, refill water bottles, packing tools and clothing – but gives an enormous sense of freedom and excitement.

When I leave on a tour right from my driveway, knowing I have everything I need with me, I feel all kinds of burdens lifted from me. People talk about possessions and obligations weighing them down. Traveling by bike makes me take only what I really need.

That feeling of being out on the bike, knowing you have time to stop and look at the interesting house you always zip by, or truly admiring the garden you only get glimpses of, will capture your senses. You have the chance to be fully engaged with your surroundings, your emotions, and your body.

Standing in the middle.

Riding your bike on an adventure doesn’t have to be fancy or fabulous, but it could help you feel that way.

Interested? Check out the Northampton Biking Resources page here at Pedal Paradise for local rail trails, links to groups, maps, and other helpful information. I’d be glad to supply specific information on where and how to go. Email me, PedalParadise AT gmail.com, or drop a note in the comments.


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