Bikes Not Bombs Bike Collection at JFK School

“Lasting peace and social justice require equitable and sustainable use of resources.”

That quote is from the Bikes Not Bombs Mission Statement. The organization takes bikes and bike parts and ships them to developing countries to support sustainable initiatives. I think the organization has a brilliant idea for supporting development in this simple and powerful way. Using bikes to get to a far off school, transport goods to market, carry tools and equipment, get to jobs. I support all of these ways to move people and things here in Paradise City, so I really think it’s a good idea where transportation options are limited. What a great way to give cycling joy to someone and help them reach a goal.

So how to help?

In the comments section Tom posted:

Let everyone know about the bike drive coming up, April 9th at JFK Middle school. Donate any usable bikes or bike parts to Bikes Not Bombs. All bikes will be shipped off to bike donation projects in developing countries. April 9th, 10:00 -2:00. Organized by Willa Sippel and her dad. [emphasis added]

Got things left over from your last upgrade? An old saddle, a pump, kickstand, wheels, tires which you don’t use anymore? Those items could have a second good life. Even better, donate that bike you don’t ride anymore. Get it in the hands of someone who needs it. Share the bike joy.

For those of you not familiar with Bikes Not Bombs, here is their full mission statement:

Mission Statement

Lasting peace and social justice require equitable and sustainable use of resources. BNB provides community-based education and assists development projects with recycled bicycles, related technologies and technical assistance, as concrete alternatives to the militarism, over-consumption & inequality that breed war and environmental destruction. Our organization is part of a worldwide movement for peace and responsible stewardship of the earth.


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