Springfield Business Owner Supports Bike Path

Two weeks ago, the Springfield, MA, Republican ran a story about the hard times of the 3.7 mile multi-user path there along the Connecticut River, the Connecticut River Walk and Bikeway.

The City of Springfield had not been doing upkeep and there had been some criminal activity along the path recently. The reader comments which accompanied the web version of that article were full of vitriol certain that building the path did not make sense for the financially strapped city.

Reading those comments showed that some people really do not understand that investing in public facilities creates communities where private businesses invest, and people are willing to buy homes and invest with their families. It was quite disheartening.

This week brings good news of just such an investment from a local business owner who wants to support use of the path.

[Robert L.] Bolduc, president of Pride Stations and Stores, said last week that he will donate a new access way to the bikeway from land behind his gas station on West Street near the North End Bridge. Along with access, Bolduc said the station will provide ample parking in its paved lot, use of public rest rooms, and will create a clean, level strip of land with picnic tables and bike racks. [emphasis added]

Thank you Mr. Bolduc. Your investment in your community is a wonderful example. I’m sure the people who use your facility to enjoy the bike path may find they need to purchase a drink or snack after their time on the path.

When we make our communities better places to live, really live a good life, we all benefit.


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One Response to Springfield Business Owner Supports Bike Path

  1. Clayton Broyles says:

    I agree with you that investing in improving public facilities is the way to attract businesses and residents. Prospective residents especially want to see a pretty town and parks, even if they don’t use them.

    I think sometimes it’s the old guard of a town who don’t or won’t use the facilities, that determine parks and trails and facilities in general are not needed or wanted.

    My observations tell me if the facilities are available, the residents use them. They add beauty and function to a city and promote some healthy diversions for residents besides bars, restaurants, movies, and all other diversions which require money to engage in and probably don’t promote health as well as cycling and walking.

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