Read And Be Inspired

The mountains across the river.

One of my favorite ways to waste time during the winter is to read the bike touring blogs posted at It’s a website which allows touring cyclists to post the journal of their rides in real time. There are thousands of bike tours to read about there, on trips all over the world .  The stories and the photos are inspiring. There’s also a forum which includes reviews of gear, tips and how-to’s.

But it’s the cycling blogs and the stories which fascinate me.  Check it out, and be prepared to spend many hours imagining yourself on a great adventure.


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2 Responses to Read And Be Inspired

  1. Love you.

    Thanks for the info about

    Put a link to ti on my website.


    and a Happy NEW Year


  2. Charlie,

    Crazy Guy on a Bike really is one of my favorite places to lose a couple of hours. I hope you find some good journals to follow. One of my favorite things to do is to follow a journey in real time. The cyclists post their updates as they go along and I get to vicariously join them on the ride.

    I hope the New Year finds you back on your bike.


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