Winter Dreams Bring Thoughts of Spring

Here we are in mid-winter, a new year’s beginning. Time to think of places to ride!

Where in the world?

A day that needed ice cream.

Avery at the USA/Canada border at Vermont.

There are so many places I’d like to explore on my bike. Dream rides include a trip along El Camino of Santiago de Compostela, a walk that pilgrims began doing in the Middle Ages through France and Spain. Bike friendly regions like the Netherlands or Southern France always catch my attention. In this country there’s riding along the Katy Trail in Missouri, riding along the Mississippi River Trail, and California Wine Country.

Adventure Cycling Association sends me a catalog with all of their cycling trips for the coming year, and I have a whole new list of places to think about.

Closer to home, there’s riding along the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh and connecting to the C & O Canal from Cumberland, MD all the way to Washington, D.C.

How about riding here, close to home?

Then I remember that there are so many places around here in the Pioneer Valley that I want to bike.

I haven’t ridden along the Farmington Canal Trail bike paths which can take me from my home in Northampton, MA to New Haven, Connecticut.

Beautiful riding along the canal.

I wanted to go back to the Canal Trail in Turners Falls, MA, that Quinn and I rode on as part of our trip to Vermont and New Hampshire during Summer 2010.

Vermont is always an option, as is New Hampshire. People travel from all over to ride in those states, and I can do it right from my driveway.

There’s riding across Massachusetts. One year Avery and I did the MassBike Pike ride from Wayland, MA to Northampton, but I’ve not ridden from Northampton west into the Berkshires. (Ok, why would I want to ride across mountains?). Maybe someday the Ashuwullticock Rail Trial through Cheshire, Lanesborough and Adams, MA will connect to the trails in Northampton. Until I figure out a good route, or put in the miles to prepare myself, I could drive there and then begin my tour.

Touring the Western Massachusetts Hilltowns just outside of Northampton would take me to terrific views, great places to eat, artist studios, farms and farmstands.

The view and food are worth the ride.

Ice cream and snacks at Outlook Farm in Huntington.

Riding through the Hilltowns would allow me to ride on quiet roads and take breaks from riding while supporting and appreciating the hardworking farmers of the Pioneer Valley.

There are so many places to ride, and I discover more everyday.

I’ll spend the winter making lists, reading cycling blogs to see where others have gone, checking maps, refining my gear, and getting ready to go.

As soon as the weather turns in the spring, I’ll be out there. I hope to see you on the road.


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