Adventure Cycling Bike Touring Photo Contest

Have any good photos showing how wonderful bike touring can be?

Standing in the middle.

Quinn on the bridge between Vermont and New Hampshire.

Then you should enter them in Adventure Cycling Association’s 2010 Photo Contest!

We are again looking for the photo that captures the beauty and wonder of your bicycle touring adventures, both past and present. We are especially interested in images that showcase the wide range of bike-touring experiences: road and dirt riding, rural and urban settings, scenery, people, and the emotions.(emphasis added)

I was blown away by last year’s contest winner’s beautiful photos published in Adventure Cyclist magazine.

I’m going through photos of my cycling tours, especially the ones with the boys, so see if I have any worth submitting.

I am a member of Adventure Cycling Association, AC, an organization that seeks to promote cycle tourism in the United States. Members receive a magazine, Adventure Cyclist, and discounts on their maps of bike touring routes they have designed. AC also sponsors cycling tours of the USA. The closest bike tours to western Massachusetts are currently in Vermont. I have not used any of the maps yet, but sit down to read the magazine as soon as it comes. It has lots of good tips and inspiration for cycle touring.

Check it out.


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