Sunday Joy Ride

“So why don’t you ride your bike?

Today was a day I needed a little push to get out the door.

It shouldn’t have been that way on a sunny, warm, Sunday Fall morning. Winter’s go very hard for me here in New England with the loss of sunlight. So, I have to remind myself to get out for a little while every day there is good natural light.

It took just a few pedal strokes today to feel alive and connected to the world around me – the joy that cycling bring to me. I just got a new bike this spring for the first time in 25 years, and it is a bike that is fitted to my body.


Riding this new bike is like a dream. I turn the pedals and I seem to glide along, making riding even more fun. I’m glad that I decided to put dual-sided pedals on this bike so that I can hop on and ride with any kind of footwear without stopping to change out the cleated pedals. That made getting out this morning so much easier.




Gliding along, just the sound of the rear gears spinning made me happy.

I could see people, smell breakfast cooking, stop and take pictures of this golden day. Northampton was showing its most beautiful autumn self.

Today’s ride was one that put a smile on my face and allowed my shoulders to relax. The gold of the sunshine made everything brighter, more welcoming, more pleasing and satisfying. It was such a joy.


About Pedal Paradise

Cyclist, Mom, Travel Nut, Bike Riding Empower-er!
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4 Responses to Sunday Joy Ride

  1. tnt says:

    I can totally understand the feeling of joy you describe…I miss having a bike, so so much!!

  2. tnt,

    This was one of the rides I try to store in my memory for those cloudy, bone chilly days to come…

    Thanks for letting me know you understand!

    What happened to your bike?


  3. Oh how good that felt,
    your description made it so I was almost there.

    I think we can all relate to that feeling
    when the hum of the chain-wheel against the back wheel just humms us along.


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