Cycle-Smart International Rocks Look Park

CycleSmart International 20th Anniversary Banner

Yesterday was Day One of racing at the Cycle-Smart International cyclo-cross race at Look Park in Northampton, MA.

It was a beautiful day for racing, plenty of sunshine and cool temperatures for the hardworking racers.

[Updated with Day Two photos below]

Cyclo-cross is bike racing done over terrain which can include grass,



railroad tracks (!), and anything else the geography provides. Look Park provided all of these, plus a slick dirt hill to climb and descend.

This race is a Big Deal. According to race organizer Adam Meyerson, over 1300 riders participated in the weekend races.  Pro team cars and tents were all over the park.

I saw license plates from over 10 different states. Later in downtown Northampton, MA, I saw many cars with racing bikes attached to the roof – racers enjoying a beautiful afternoon in Paradise City.

There were races for professionals, near professionals, junior riders (ages 10-14), and even for kids, run by the Northampton Cycling Club.

There were plenty of spectators, too. I walked past race organizer JDBilodeau of Pioneer Event Productions, who greeted me warmly and with a huge smile. Later in the day, JD tweeted, “Hey- all of you who came out to our little bike race- y’all are awesome. Thanks so much.” He should be proud of what a great day yesterday was for his race.

Thank you, JD and Adam for bringing such a fantastic event to Northampton, and congratulations on the 20th Anniversary!

First day summary of the races and results can be found on the Cycling Dirt website.

Day Two races go through mid-day, and you should go on over Look Park if you can. The course will include new changes, and cyclo-cross is always exciting.

Day Two pictures:






First up the little hill, then up the big hill.














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5 Responses to Cycle-Smart International Rocks Look Park

  1. We saw the end of this while we were walking at Look Park today. Who knew? We’d have come out to watch sooner had we known about it!

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