A Bridge Not Yet Ready for Crossing

What a lovely day for a ride!

A beautiful day for a ride.

It seemed like summer again here in Western Massachusetts.  I took advantage of the lovely day to go for a short ride over to the rail trail bridge over Route 10, which will connect the Easthampton Manhan Rail Trail with the Norwottuck Rail Trail through Northampton.  I wanted to see how far along paving of the bridge had come since the time the cranes lifted it into place on September 26. My son Avery was kind enough to ride over with me.

Not quite ready for a joy ride.

Dirt ramp on Sept. 26

You can see how the trail looked on September 26, with just a rough, first layer of asphalt, and no railings, while the ramp leading to the bridge was only dirt.

Today when I rode there, the railings were up, and what looked like a top layer of asphalt was down.

Photos of the trail and bridge taken today, Oct. 26,  after the jump.

I really like the feel and character of the path.

The railings are subtle and blend in well with the peaceful surroundings.

The surroundings are very natural.

There are small ponds and a number of different kinds of tree stands. The changing leaf colors really present a vibrant landscape at this time of year.

It’s quite peaceful.

The bridge ramp itself had just the first layer of asphalt on it, and the gates are still up, so riding across is not an option at this point.

Bridge ramp paving on October 26, 2010.

Not ready for riding.

We did pass quite a few riders on the trail leading up to the bridge, and I can imagine once it opens there will be considerable traffic on this stretch of trail – commuters, recreational riders, and families out for a ride.

This project is really moving along. I look forward to riding across the bridge in a few weeks when the paving is completed, and visiting my friends in Easthampton by bike. What a great asset to both Northampton and Easthampton.


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3 Responses to A Bridge Not Yet Ready for Crossing

  1. apral says:

    Great pictures.

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