Sunday Riding Photo Journal

Riding is a perfect date.

We went for a ride through Northampton yesterday afternoon, enjoying the sunshine and a chance to talk. There was plenty to see and appreciate in our hometown.

Here are some photos of things that caught my eye from the trail through downtown Northampton.

The sky was perfectly blue, and the early Fall sunshine was bright and just warm enough.

There were many interesting architectural details to take in.

Painted advertising always catches my eye.

Sometimes the advertising makes me think of things I want to buy.

Things no longer available for sale.

What is still available are many more days of Fall sun and miles of riding before Winter comes and brings different light. Get out if you can.


About Pedal Paradise

Cyclist, Mom, Travel Nut, Bike Riding Empower-er!
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2 Responses to Sunday Riding Photo Journal

  1. Nancy, Beth, and Sierra says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful site Gina! Your posts are informative and fun to read, and I’m impressed with your photos. We’ll be frequent visitors!

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