Our good notices

The trails in and around Northampton are coming together and people are noticing.

The trails here are really becoming tourist attractions. The miles and miles of trails which connect to fabulous restaurants, coffee houses, museums, and parks provide welcome and relaxing riding for people on vacation, or just looking for a respite.

A columnist for the Middleboro Gazette wrote a column 2 weeks ago about how much he enjoyed his vacation here, riding on the rail trails.

It was really these bike trails that sold me on the area. Riding along I could see which people were natives and which were tourists. The natives had this healthy glow and contented smile. I could tell that they were thinking, “Man it’s so awesome living here.” The tourists like me, on the other hand, all had this sort of sickly pasty pallor and knew that their stay in paradise was short and soon they would be back home riding their bikes past discarded fast food wrappers and dodging trucks on roads that weren’t built with bikers or walkers in mind.

But wait, that's not all!

A helpful, but delightfully dated, map of the trail in Northampton.

Just like other people on vacation, these riders bring income to our local economy.

On my way home from the Rte. 10 bridge installation the other week, I stopped to take a photo of the map for the Ryan Bikeway near State Street. Two cyclists on very nice bikes stopped to ask me if I could direct them to downtown. Of course! Using the map on the sign I described to them the route. They wanted to see downtown (because things are happening there), and get something to eat.

As one of the smiling locals, I welcome the vacationers, the day trippers, and anyone else interested in riding and enjoying Paradise City.


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