NCC Bike Fest Success

Bike Fest banner inside Look Park

The Northampton Cycling Club held their Bike Fest this afternoon at Look Park I stopped by for a little while and grabbed some photos.  It was a beautiful afternoon, a lovely Valley sunny Fall day.  There was just enough breeze to add some headwind cred to the day’s rides.  They really lucked out with the heavy rains we had last week having gone, and clear air and skies making for perfect riding weather.

The rides began in the morning, and riders returned from their various rides as the afternoon wore on. The Primate Fiasco

Music and bikes go together

was playing their psychedelic dixieland music while the crowd ate barbecue and told ride stories.

I had a chance to talk to a Mass Bike representative and signed up for the Pioneer Valley mailing list. I also heard that the kids races today were well attended. Another rider who did the 40 mile Orchard Ride told me that he gasped when the view along the route through Whately opened up just past Quonquont Farm , and he could see the mountain range in the distance and the valley floor of farms below. I knew exactly the spot he was talking about, and remember getting that same feeling, about how I live in a beautiful place.

During the time I was there, I saw bikes and riders of all ages enjoying the park and talking about bikes.  On the ride home I saw many cars carrying bikes who seemed to be going home from Bike Fest.  Seems to me this was a great day for cycling in the Valley. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next year.


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3 Responses to NCC Bike Fest Success

  1. Sounds like a great time~ I hope I’m around to catch it next year!

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