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People here in Northampton use bikes for more than recreation. There are many businesses which use bikes to make deliveries of various types. One of my favorite is Pedal People run by my friend Ruthie Woodring and her partner, Ben Winter. Pedal People is:

a worker-owned human-powered delivery and hauling service
for the Northampton, Massachusetts area

Their company picks up and hauls both commercial and residential trash by bike using trailers which can pull up to 300 pounds. You can find many interviews on their web site which explain their business and philosophy on bikes and caring for the earth. They are so committed to getting other people out on bikes that they hold bike workshops from time to time.

Anyone wanting to learn more and/or share what they know about basic bike maintenance and repairs, is welcome to stop by these free informal workshops.

Just show up with your bike, and they and others will help you work on it. No charge. They have tools, know how, and are very encouraging. With the basic skills you can learn from them, you can get out on the road with the confidence to tackle flats and some knowledge about how your bike works.

The next workshop is this Saturday, September 25 from 11 am – 2 pm.

Ruthie has incredible amounts of cycling joy, and she loves to share.


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