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Hot on the heels of my post about trail development comes news from two more towns about supporting bike riding in their towns. Both Southwick and Westfield are on the Columbia Greenway Trail, which is an interstate trail that will allow a trail ride from New Haven, Connecticut to Northampton, MA.

Westfield’s portion of this trail isn’t open just yet, but the committee supporting trail’s development is moving on other fronts. They helped get up signs to Share the Road.

Southwick has already, back in May, 2010 opened one section of their trail to the Connecticut line. And they are working to make the trail pretty and more welcoming with benches and other features. This trail is a big one:

By the time the entire trail is open in August 2011, walkers, bikers, joggers and nature lovers will be able to enjoy 25 miles of the paved path from Farmington, Conn., to Shaker Road in Westfield, said Daniel D. Call, a Parks and Recreation Commission member and bike trail liaison. [emphasis added]

How exciting is that!

Now, we already know that the trails, they can get you there. Eventually, they will take you to further there’s, too.


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