Come ride with me!

Pedalin’ Paradise is a blog about riding in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts, where the Connecticut River flows. We’ve got flat, quiet farm roads, multi-user paths and routes connecting communities, and hills to climb. Boy,Gina and son Quinn arriving at the night's stop in Bernardston, MA do we have hills.

But more than just places to ride, we have places to ride to. Museums, swimming holes, glorious bridges over the river, parks, cafes. Anyone up for a ride to the grocery store?

My hope is to get you on your bike, wherever you are, but if you find yourself looking for a place to ride, Pedalin’ Paradise is a wonderful choice.


About Pedal Paradise

Cyclist, Mom, Travel Nut, Bike Riding Empower-er!
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2 Responses to Come ride with me!

  1. My orthopedist just said that my knees have to give up my walking program in favor of a riding program. See you on the bike path, soon!

  2. Intentional50,

    I’m sorry about your knees, but glad the bike remains an option for you. Remember that your gears are your friends. They can make turning the pedals really easy, and give your muscles the workout, not your knees.

    You don’t have to know how they work, only to keep changing them until you find one that allows smooth pedaling, not straining.

    Meet you on the path!


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